Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of 05/10/23

Updated and New Courses, Lessons, and Course Materials in the iFTI LMS as of May 10, 2023

CAS 2113C AMMP CCAS (Concrete Coating Applicator Specialist) (CERTIFICATION)
FLR 4515 Install Repairs (NWFA)

Requested DC-Specific Courses used as Placeholder for Uploading Course Completions
C07 5805C AWS D1.1 3G/4G (Classroom-DC 07)
C07 5003C Swing Stage (Classroom-DC 07)

FLR 4513 Board Replacement (NWFA)
FLR 4508 Concrete Moisture Testing (NWFA)
FLR 4504 Evaluating the Jobsite (NWFA) – Renamed to FLR 4504 Jobsite Evaluation (NWFA)
FLR 4214 Evaluating Wood Floor Damage (NWFA)
FLR 4512 Floating Installation (NWFA) – Renamed to FLR 4512 Installation Methods and Considerations (NWFA
FLR 4506 Forest to Floor (NWFA)
FLR 4511 Glue-Down Installation (NWFA
FLR 4213 Hand Scraping – Wire Brushing and Distressed Wood Floors (NWFA)
FLR 4503 Installation Safety (NWFA)
FLR 4509 Layout (NWFA)
FLR 4510 Nail Down Installation (NWFA)
FLR 4514 Patterned Floor Layout (NWFA)
FLR 4206 Sand and Finish Safety (NWFA)
FTI 1112C Scaffold Competent Person (CERTIFICATION) – Updated course hours, description, and certification period.
FLR 4505 Subfloors (NWFA) – Renamed to FLR 4505 Subfloor Preparation (NWFA)
FLR 4507 Wood Moisture Testing (NWFA)
TDS 9204 Ground Rigging

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Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of 04/10/23