Third Party Online Course Price List

The iFTI LMS houses 1,400 courses and out of these, 100+ are third party. Third party courses are online lessons provided by vendors such as Danatec, Click Safety, and Red Vector. The third party course names are marked with an asterisk (*) e.g. COR 1225 Communication and Leadership*

In reference to the iFTI Newsletter dated January 29, 2020, please find the Price List for all online third party courses available in the iFTI LMS. Some important reminders:

  • All third party courses will be charged per course, per enrollment. 
  • There is a bundle price of $125 for all Red Vector courses. 
    • Upon enrollment into any of the listed Red Vector courses, a flat fee of $125 will be charged to the District Council per member enrollment. 
    • Once enrollment is initiated in one Red Vector course, the member may have access to all of the listed Red Vector courses as assigned by the DC’s LMS Admin. 
    • The bundled fee is valid for one year from the initial enrollment. 

All District Council training funds will be billed directly for all third party course enrollments on a quarterly basis. Invoices will come from the K-Learning Group, 1701 Cabin Branch Drive, Cheverly, MD 20785 and will be due within 30 days of the invoice date.