NWFA Curriculum Relaunch

The iFTI partnered with NWFA to offer Floorcovering courses. The training materials have been updated and are now available in the LMS under the FLR curriculum. The courses include:

FLR 4513 Board Replacement (NWFA)
FLR 4508 Concrete Moisture Testing (NWFA)
FLR 4504 Evaluating the Jobsite (NWFA)
FLR 4512 Floating Installation (NWFA)
FLR 4506 Forest to Floor (NWFA)
FLR 4511 Glue-Down Installation (NWFA)
FLR 4503 Installation Safety (NWFA)
FLR 4509 Layout (NWFA)
FLR 4510 Nail Down Installation (NWFA)
FLR 4514 Patterned Floor Layout (NWFA)
FLR 4505 Subfloors (NWFA)
FLR 4507 Wood Moisture Testing (NWFA)

If you need to be enrolled, contact your LMS admin or DOT to assign the courses to your LMS account.

Webinars and Educational Opportunities from the National Wood Flooring Association
Webinars from the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) are an ideal way to learn about the latest products and tools from industry manufacturers. Webinars are technical in nature and can be used to fulfill continuing certification units (CCUs) for NWFA Certified Professionals. All webinars are hosted at 2 p.m. CST. They are recorded and added to NWFA University and NWFA LiveEdge for future viewing as well. Each webinar lasts one hour – 45 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.

NWFA LiveEdge
NWFA Webinars are part of a larger offering called NWFA LiveEdge. Powered by NWFA University, NWFA LiveEdge quickly enhances your knowledge with short videos designed to provide you with an edge in an increasingly competitive market. A free, easy-to-access professional development portal with short, focused, and interactive content, this portal is designed to train on-the-go with three topic categories: Tech Tuesdays, Webinar Wednesdays, and Product Theater Thursdays. For more information, click here.