Harassment Course Updates

All Sexual Harassment courses in the LMS have been updated. iFTI sent out reminder emails to current users to complete their enrollments before the upload of the new versions.
The generic harassment course is COR 1001 Sexual Harassment* with Spanish and French versions. We also offer employee and employer courses which can be state-specific. Currently, Canada has its own version together with California, Connecticut, and New York-specific versions of the Harassment course. There are 13 courses available in the LMS. Check the listing below for your members or apprentices.

  • COR 1001 Sexual Harassment*
  • CAN 1001 Harassment Discrimination and Workplace Violence Prevention* (Canada)      
  • SPN 1001 Empleados (US Federal) – Prevencion del Acoso para Los Empleados*
  • FRE 1001 Le Harcelement la Discrimination et la Violence au Travail*
  • C09 1001 New York Harassment Prevention*
  • COR 1047 Supervisor Harassment Prevention (US Federal)*
  • SPN 1047 Supervisores (US Federal) – Prevencion del Acoso para Los Supervisores*
  • COR 1253C California Supervisor Harassment Prevention (AB1825) (CERTIFICATION)*
  • SPN 1253C Supervisores (California) – Prevencion del acoso para los supervisores de California (cumple con AB1825) (CERTIFICATION)*
  • COR 1254 California Employee Harassment (SB1343)*
  • SPN 1254 Empleados (California) – Prevencion del acoso para los empleados de California (cumple con SB1343)*
  • COR 1255 Connecticut Harassment Prevention*
  • SPN 1255 Prevencion del Acoso (Connecticut)*

Please note: Conducting anti-harassment training is a compliance requirement of the new 29 CFR 30 regulations. Contact Dan Hink at DHink@iFTI.edu if you need additional information.