UNLOCKED: Vubiz and NWFA Courses

UNLOCKED: Vubiz and NWFA Courses

Third party courses (170+) have been unlocked and are now accessible to all LMS users. Third party courses include Introduction to the Union, Health and Safety, Leadership, Kids and courses translated in French and Spanish. You can also review specialized public catalogs which cover Coronavirus, Harassment, Kids, Math, Mental Health Awareness, and NWFA. 

These courses are found in the Catalog section and available for self-enrollment. Self-enrollment excludes OSHA and Laser classes which still require DOT approval and iFTI registration.

If the course is not listed on your Enrollments or My Learning Path widget, you can:

  1. Click Catalog on the LMS main menu bar.

  1. Search catalog or click catalog.

  1. Click the correct course from the search results.

4. The course description loads. If you want to self-enroll, click the Enroll button.

5. Your course status will change to Enrolled.

  1. You can now take the course by clicking the green play button.

Here’s a video link of the steps – https://www.youtube.com/embed/ovmMalVj_7s.