2022 iFTI Highlights

It has been another busy year at the iFTI and we are so grateful to have seen so
many of you back in the classrooms in Hanover and in the Instructional Service
Centers! Before we look forward to an exciting 2023, let’s recap some highlights for

  • DOL recognizes iFTI as an Apprenticeship Ambassador.
  • The Curriculum team created 217 new courses (DC-specific, trade-related, FTI, and third party) and updated 164 courses with the help of subject matter experts. These courses are available in the iFTI Learning Management System (LMS). Follow the monthly LMS alerts to stay updated. 
  • FTI 1154 Peer Support – The iFTI and LMCI hosted the first Peer Support Services training class in Hanover, MD last March. This program is another step in the IUPAT Helping Hand initiative aimed at providing our membership with a front line level of support.
  • Partnership with Rosetta Stone has resulted in 70 members learning a new language. Members spent 165 hours in the program!
  • iFTI continues to offer online courses in different languages. Some courses added this year:
    • FRE 1241 La Gestion de Votre Cheminement de Carrière*
    • FRE 1108 Les Échelles en Toute Sécurité*
    • FRE 179 Pratiques Sécuritaires Pour le Travail a Chaud*
    • FRE 198 Résilience a la Pandemie
    • FRE 1245 Service a la Clientele*
    • SPN 1001 Empleados (US Federal) – Prevencion del Acoso para Los Empleados*
    • SPN 1115 Seguridad de la Carretilla Elevadora*
    • SPN 1130C OSHA 30 Horas Construccion*
    • SPN 1145 Concientización Sobre el Plomo y el Asbesto*
    • SPN 1162 Ruido Ocupacional y Perdida Auditiva*
    • SPN 1255 Prevención del Acoso (Connecticut)*
    • SPN 1037 Prevención de Acoso de Empleados*
    • SPN 198 Resiliencia Pandemica
  • Susan Hardwood Grant (SHG) – The iFTI received the DOL SHG FTI-SH-99047-SHO to update and develop Module 3 of the Pandemic Resiliency course pertaining to Infectious Diseases (including COVID-19) training for our members. These materials are available in French, Spanish and in an eLearning format. The iFTI was also granted the (FY) 2022 Susan Harwood Training Program Targeted Topic Training grant for Temperature Extremes with the sole focus of Heat Stress. The award period is from September 30, 2022, through September 30, 2023. This important 4-hour training will require a Train-the-Trainer (Jan 30-31 in Hanover, MD) with a goal to train 5, 000 members by September 2023.  
  • Partnership with OPACI-COAT and update of GLZ 5407I Spandrel and Architectural Panel Systems (Instructor Access)
  • Flooring Summit/Curriculum – iFTI and LMCI Executive Director Anton Ruesing and iFTI Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Tom Pfundstein presented at the inaugural LMCI Flooring Industry Summit held on October 2-4, 2022 in Carlsbad, CA.
  • Industry Leaders Attend the 2022 IUPAT Coatings and Glazing Forum – The inaugural forum welcomed leaders, specialists and contractors from the glazing and industrial painting industries to our Hanover, Maryland campus.
  • The iFTI received approval for the Reaccreditation of the Initial and Refresher EPA Lead RRP courses beginning December 6 2022 – October 11, 2026. 
  • Extended the assistance to our affiliates by covering the costs of Third Party Distance Learning courses in the LMS until January 31, 2023. The Third Party online library expanded to 160 courses with more than 300 online lessons including OSHAs 10 and 30, Sexual Harassment (13 courses), and several health and safety and leadership courses including the topics listed below:
  • Partnership with National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) granting access to wood flooring industry courses available through hands-on training, online learning as well as through monthly webinars
  • Compliance with US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 
  • The International Finishing Trades Institute is one of nine training and education institutions accepted into the American Council on Education (ACE) Apprenticeship Pathways project with the goal to increase the opportunity for apprentices to earn college credits for completing the iFTI training curriculum. Painter’s Program is approved for 54 credit hours.  Currently under ACE review are the Glazier and Drywall Program.
  • Partnership with Columbia Southern University for IUPAT members to continue their education with both Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Council on Occupational Education (COE) Highlights for the year:
    • DC 06/FTI OR Receives COE accreditation in June 2022
    • Team members attended the COE Summer conference last July 22-23 in  Wichita, Kansas and the COE Annual meeting last  November 8-10 in Orlando, Florida.
    • Reaffirmation for iFTI  initiated in October 2022
    • iFTI submitted an application for the DC 16 International Service Center (ISC) in Nevada last Oct 2022.
  • New Member of iFTI Team –  Lisa Berlin, Instructor Development Specialist and launch of Instructor Evaluations and Enhancement
  • Conducted a total of 70 iFTI instructor classes, 8 of which were delivered through the help of COE-approved Instructional Service Centers (ISCs) at District Councils 21, 30, and 82 and 4 off-campus classes at DCs 14, 16, and 58. We have 967 completions from 468 class participants.
  • Check out the course offerings for 2023. From the LMS homepage, click the blue box marked 2023 iFTI Training Calendar.