Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of 04/16 /24

Updated and New Courses, Lessons, and Course Materials in the iFTI LMS as of April 16, 2024

Requested DC-Specific Courses used as Placeholder for Uploading Course Completions (No resources sent or available)
C16 1150C Fall Protection and Scaffold Refresher (Classroom-DC 16)
C77 1001 Harassment Training (Classroom-DC 77)
C16 1120C Scaffold and Swing Stage (Classroom-DC 16)
C16 1194C Rigging Booms and Lifts Refresher (Classroom-DC 16)

*iFTI Documents
*LMS Admin
COR 1232 Coaching for Better Performance* – Renamed to COR 1232 Coaching for Improved Performance*
COR 1022I Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti Harassment Training in Registered Apprenticeship – Program Sponsor
COR 0002 iFTI LMS Admin Orientation
COR 0001 iFTI LMS Learner Orientation
COR 1108I Ladder Safety (Instructor Access) – Renamed to COR 1108I Stair and Ladder Safety (Instructor Access).
COR 1108S Ladder Safety (Student Access – Renamed to COR 1108S Stair and Ladder Safety (Student Access).
FTI 1108 Mold Remediation – This course has been sunset. Renamed to ZFTI 1108 Mold Remediation.

Reviewed and Organized Leadership Courses
FTI 1216 Organizing Leadership Series I
FTI 1217 Organizing Leadership Series II
FTI 1218 Leadership Development
FTI 1220 1220_Communications and Digital Media
FTI 1221 Labor Law in the Construction Industry
FTI 1222 Top-Down Organizing
FTI 1223 Industrial Organizing
FTI 1224 Bottom-Up Organizing
FTI 1225 Advanced Service Training 101
FTI 1226 Advanced Service Training 102
FTI 1238 Leadership Training for Women in the Construction Industry

Updated Certificates of Completion
LMCI 100I Project Management (Instructor Access)
LMCI 100S Project Management (Student Access)
LMCI 101I Estimating Essentials (Instructor Access)
LMCI 101S Estimating Essentials (Student Access)
LMCI 104 Soft Skills – Tools for Relationship Success
COR 1205I Steward Training (Instructor Access)
COR 1205S Steward Training (Student Access)
COR 1202I Supervisor Training Program (STP) (Instructor Access)
COR 1202S Supervisor Training Program (STP) (Student Access)

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Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of 03/13/24