Respectful Workplace Training @ District Council 50

Written by DOT Breanne Geronimo

Hawaii’s rich cultural tapestry is renowned worldwide for its diversity, where no single group holds a majority, making it a unique melting pot of ethnicities. However, despite this vibrant mosaic, the construction industry has traditionally been male-dominated.

Recognizing the need for change, District Council 50 has taken proactive steps to foster a more inclusive environment within the construction sector. With an increase in female membership and a generational shift within the workforce, the Council embarked on a journey to reshape the culture of construction in Hawaii.

Responding to this imperative, iFTI’s Tom Pfundstein and Anton Ruesing swiftly collaborated with the International Foundation to organize a Respectful Workplace Training for District Council 50. This initiative aimed to reinforce the importance of cultivating a positive and inclusive workplace environment.

The training underscored the pivotal role of a respectful workplace in reducing conflicts, enhancing teamwork, and boosting productivity and job satisfaction. For Union contractors, embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity translates to increased efficiency, better project outcomes, and a bolstered reputation.

District Council 50 extends its gratitude to iFTI, LMCI and the International Foundation for their invaluable support in delivering this transformative training. By investing in Respectful Workplace Training, the Council is not only nurturing a harmonious work environment but also paving the way for a more prosperous and equitable construction industry in Hawaii.