iFTI Class Syllabus

The International Finishing Trades Institute (iFTI) Instructor Training Programs offer the following courses as part of the Instructor Pathway. Click the course name to view the class syllabus.

FTI 1000 Introduction to Teaching Techniques for Adults
FTI 1001 Teaching Techniques for Adults
FTI 1005 Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL)
FTI 1006 Survival of the Fittest for Instructors
FTI 1008 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
FTI 1009 Green Building: The Basics of Sustainability
FTI 1017 IUPAT History/Structure and Introduction to Computing Applications
FTI 1023 Introduction to Computing Applications for Instructors
FTI 1024 Computing Applications Level 2
FTI 1025 Mentorship Matters TTT
FTI 1040 LMS Admin Workshop
FTI 1100 Health and Safety Management
FTI 1101C Confined Space Instructor (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1104C American Heart Association Heartsaver (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1105C EPA RRP – Initial EPA Accredited Class (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1106C Lead Abatement and Silica for Instructors (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1109C OSHA 500
FTI 1110C OSHA 501 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry
FTI 1111C OVERTON Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1112C Scaffold Competent Person (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1113C American Heart Association Refresher (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1114C OSHA 510
FTI 1119C OSHA 502
FTI 1122C OSHA 5400 Standards for the Maritime Industry
FTI 1125 OVERTON Mobile Crane Prep
FTI 1126C NCCCO Crane Signal Person (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1130C NCCCO Rigger Level I Program (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1131C OVERTON Trainer AerScisForklft Refresher (CERTIFICATION) – to be edited
FTI 1135C NCCCO Mobile Crane (CERTIFICATION – to be edited
FTI 1138C ICRA Worker Train-the-Trainer (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1141 Changing the Culture of Construction
FTI 1144C NCCCO Signalperson Refresher (CERTIFICATION) – to be edited
FTI 1145 PCB Awareness TTT
FTI 1153C American Heart Association Heartsaver Master Instructor Refresher (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1154 Peer Support
FTI 1155C OSHA 503 Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers
FTI 1157 ETCP Hoist and Rigging
FTI 1158 Health and Safety Instructor Symposium
FTI 1160C OSHA 511 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry
FTI 1162 Occupational Noise and Hearing Conservation
FTI 1165C Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 116C American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1173C Scaffold Worker-Erector-Dismantler (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1185 Lead Awareness TTT
FTI 1187C Permit Required Confined Space Entry (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 1207 BTA 105: Contract Negotiations in the Construction Industry
FTI 1208 BTA 106: Labor Law in the Construction Industry
FTI 1212 Supervisor Training Program (STP) TTT
FTI 1214 Financial Officer Training
FTI 1216 Organizing Leadership Series I

FTI 1217 Organizing Leadership Series II
FTI 1218 Leadership Development
FTI 1220 Communications and Digital Media
FTI 1222 Top-Down Organizing – to be edited
FTI 1223 Industrial Organizing
FTI 1224 Bottom-Up Organizing
FTI 1225 Advanced Service Training 101 – to be edited
FTI 1226 Advanced Service Training 102 – to be edited
FTI 1238 Leadership Training for Women in the Construction Industry
FTI 138 Occupational Exposure to Silica
FTI 139 OVERTON Rigger Level I Test Prep
FTI 154 Globally Harmonized System Hazard Communication (GHS Haz Com)
FTI 180 Temperature Extremes TTT
FTI 181 Respiratory Protection TTT
FTI 194 OVERTON Crane Signalperson Test Prep
FTI 198 Pandemic Resiliency TTT
FTI 2002C SSPC Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 2013 Industrial Applicator Train-the Trainer
FTI 4004 Specialties of the Floorcovering Trade I
FTI 4005C Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Train-the-Trainer (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 4103C Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 4219 Jon Don Concrete Surface Preparation and Polishing
FTI 4220 ARDEX Flooring TTT
FTI 5010 AGMT Prep
FTI 5012 AGMT Proctor TTT
FTI 5114 Woods Powr-Grip
FTI 5305 Procore Construction Project Management Tools
FTI 7001C Specialties of Concrete Toppings and Coatings: ARDEX (CERTIFICATION)
FTI 7005 Wallcovering Beginner Train-the-Trainer
FTI 7605 P3TEC Preferred Technician
FTI 7900 Fundamentals of Decorative Finishing Part 1
FTI 7902 Fundamentals of Decorative Finishing Part 2
FTI 9999C FTI Master Instructor Capstone

If you need Train-the-Trainer courses not listed above, you can request a new course. To view the class schedules, click the iFTI Training Calendar.