iFTI LMS Training

The iFTI equips you and your team with the knowledge and skills to properly use existing training resources. If you are new to the LMS, play the iFTI Introduction video and print a copy of the iFTI LMS Learner Manual to review the basic features. You can also check the course COR 0001 iFTI LMS Learner Orientation which is automatically part of your enrollment.

The Curriculum team offers LMS webinars and in-person trainings for new admin users. You can also reviw the course COR 0002 iFTI LMS Admin Orientation. If you haven’t attended the training, please review the recordings and summaries on this page.

Webinar Recordings:
iFTI LMS Webinar 1
iFTI LMS Webinar 2

Main Menu (Toolbar)
-My Dashboard
-Admin Tools
-My Profile

Admin Widgets
Enrollment Statistics
Team Leaderboard
Administrative Tasks
Reports Shortcuts

Admin Menu
System – Announcements
Users & Groups – Import Activity Data, Import Certificate Data, Team Leaderboards
Learning Assets – Learning Paths, Resource Management
Reports – Customizable report filters and templates

Here are some sample screenshots:

My Dashboard>Enrollments

My Dashboard>Documents widget

My Dashboard>My Learning Paths