Discussion Feed – Will we be able to ask questions in the discussion feed?

Yes! Discussions are moderated by the Instructor or other Admin.

Cache – How do I clear my Cache?


Flash – Is the LMS compatible with Adobe Flash?

Update as of February 7, 2021 – Flash is no longer supported in the iFTI LMS.…

Mobile Device – Can I use my mobile device or tablet when taking Click Safety courses?

Learn more about the technical requirements to ensure the best experience.

Login – How do I access the iFTI LMS? (Video)

Play the Access video.

Courses – How do I enroll in an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 online class?

To have access to these eLearning courses, your Director of Training needs to send the request…

System Requirements – How do I test my system?

Check your system requirements by clicking the System Test link (on the bottom left of the…

Login – I’m getting an invalid username/password error. I tried my new password and it didn’t work.

Play the Login video. Do a System Test What browser are you using? Internet Explorer (IE).…

Login – I’m having computer problems.

Click the Technical FAQ to review some easy fixes. For additional help, click here.

Courses – I’m using Google Chrome and after clicking the lesson, the screen is blank. I hear narration but cannot view any text or graphic

Click here or the Help area for the explanations/fixes. Play the Enabling Flash in Google Chrome…