Courses – I want to enroll in an online class.

If you are interested in taking any of these eLearning courses, contact your Director of Training…

Speed – My computer is slow.

There are a variety of devices and browsers that can successfully operate within the LMS but…

Courses – My course does not track (Video)

Play the Closing Lesson video. Users must complete the end of lesson survey or click EXIT…

Courses – My courses are no longer arranged alphabetically (Video)

Play the Learning Activities video.

Transcript – My transcript displays multiple entries of the same course completion.

The transcript page tracks completions by lesson/s. For example, a course may have one or more…

Login – The website returned to my login screen.

The LMS has a 10-minute timeout period. If you do not refresh or request a new…

Courses – What are Learning Activities? (Video)

Play the Learning Activities video.

Courses – What are Red Vector courses?

Updated as of February 7, 2021 – The Red Vector bundles courses are no longer offered…

Account – What information is found on My Profile page?

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Homepage – What information is found on the LMS homepage? (Video)

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