Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of 09/19/22

Updated and New Courses, Lessons, and Course Materials in the iFTI LMS as of September 19, 2022


SPN 1145 Concientizacion Sobre el Plomo y el Asbesto*

FTI 1158 Health and Safety Instructor Symposium – new Hanover class

Requested DC-Specific Courses used as Placeholder for Uploading Course Completion

C05 1144C Flagging and Traffic Control (Classroom-DC 05)

C11 7408 Floor Coatings (Classroom-DC 11)

C16 1143C Temporary Traffic Control and Flagging (Classroom-DC 16)

C21 5105 Math for the Trade Unionist (Classroom-DC 21)

C46 1149C 0-8 Ton Mobile Crane Operator (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1046 Basic Blueprint Reading (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 120C Forklift (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1179 Hoisting and Rigging Basic (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1105C Lead Abatement (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1118C Lockout/Tag Out (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1158 Personal Protective Equipment (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1143C Powered Elevated Work Platforms (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 2011C NACE CIP Level I (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1139C Respirator Fit Test (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1102C Respiratory Protection Awareness (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 2800C SSPC C-1 Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 2807C SSPC C-14 Marine Plural Component (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 2801C SSPC C-2 Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 2103C SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS) (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 1101C Standard First Aid w/ CPR/AED Level A (Classroom-DC 46)

C46 5003C Suspended Access Equipment (Classroom-DC 46)

C82 5433C Glass Manipulator (Classroom-DC 82)

C82 2601C Plural Component Sprayer (Classroom-DC 82)


COR 1113I EPA Model Asbestos Worker (Instructor Access)

COR 1009 Personal Finance*


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Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of 08/15/22