***Escalated Issues***

The iFTI has received the following escalations and are currently reviewing the courses:

COR and DRY courses are old curricula published in flash which will sunset Dec 2020 and no longer supported by Google Chrome. We are in the process of Curriculum Review and re-publishing to html5. In the meantime, update your flash or use another browser.

Spanish Courses (SPN) – Red Vector (Our third party provider) is currently reviewing the course error – “Failed to load player dependencies” .

CAS 2304 Portable Wheel Blast Equipment – Contained incorrect answers/questions. Fixed and republished.
GLZ 5109 Total Positioning Systems (TPS) Fundamentals GLZ 5301S Scales and Dimensions (Student Access), GLZ 5305 Blueprint Reading: Architectural, GLZ 5306 Perimeter Sheets Navigation, and GLZ 5426C KAWNEER 1600 Curtain Wall (CERTIFICATION) – These courses do not have eLearning and were created as DC placeholders for uploading completions. The LMS cannot automatically complete your training. Ask your Coordinator/Instructor to manually complete the course after attending the classroom training.


COR 1129C Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) (CERTIFICATION) – Unable to play flash eLearning – for republishing
COR 1201C Foreman Training (CERTIFICATION) – Tracks successfully. Course has to be manually completed by the instructor and requires classroom training to get the Certification.
GLZ 5105I Bits-Tips-Taps-Fasteners (Instructor Access) – Escalated to vendor
GLZ 5403 Curtainwall Systems – Escalated to vendor (Mosaic)