You spoke, we listened! The IMSe and LMS have upgraded the database to include non-members.

Issue: District Councils want to track pre-apprentices’ coursework/progress in the LMS. However, pre-apprentices don’t have member IDs and unavailable in the database.
Resolution: GST’s office approved tracking of pre-apprentices in the LMS and IMSe.

How do you start?

  1. Instruct your IMSe staff to enter the non-members in the IMSe through Dues Processing – Member Dues Payments – “Add Non-Member”.
  2. Each account will automatically be assigned a unique number.
  3. Send the numbers to to activate the accounts.
  4. Upon receipt of the numbers, iFTI and IMSe International will edit your Admin permissions to assign the accounts to your District Council.
  5. A reply email will inform you that the accounts are now active in the LMS and ready for assigning enrollments and tracking of completions.

Possible Issue: I can’t see the accounts in the LMS.

  • The IMSe sends all account demographics to the LMS every night. The accounts are usually available the next day.
  • Did you send the numbers to the mailbox?