Coronavirus/Covid-19 Awareness

All IUPAT members have been automatically assigned to the COR 195 Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees course.

  1. Under the My Account page, go to the Learning Activities section.
  2. Find COR 195 Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees course (sort by clicking the gray toolbar or use CTRL+F).
  3. Click Go button.
  4. On the Course Page, you can:
    -Click the Coronavirus webinar presented by Bernie Mizula link under course description or
    -Download the additional resources shared by the District Councils under the Course Materials section.

Four Additional Courses in the iFTI LMS

-COR 198 Returning to the Workplace During a Pandemic*
-SPN 195 Preparacion para el Coronavirus para Empleadores y Empleados*
-FRE 195 Preparation au Coronavirus a lintention des employeurs et des employes*
-KID 195 Worried about the Coronavirus? – eLearning for Children – The following is a link to a course designed to help children understand and deal with the Coronavirus. The course is designed for 8- to 12-year old children. The course description is: ‘The coronavirus may be making you feel worried. In this lesson, we will explore some strategies that will help you cope with your anxiety.’ –

MYTH BUSTERS – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Advice for the Public

How to Properly Wear Gloves and Be Mindful of Cross Contamination

FDA Warning on Toxic Hand Sanitizers


COVID-19 Training Online, updating our skills and development of ourselves as professionals in our respective crafts are just a few of the things we can keep ourselves busy with as members, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a second to remind everyone very bluntly, that this virus is deadly and anyone of us is susceptible. Click here for message from IUPAT DC 21 Organizing Director, Matt Trzaska, a COVID-19 survivor in recovery. We urge everyone to take every precaution seriously as we work through this crisis..together!


Room/Space Setup Using the Social Distancing Control/Calculator Method