COE Accredited District Councils (DCs)

Council on Occupational Education (COE) has accredited the following iFTI District Councils:

-Finishing Trades Institute of Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Vicinities – DC 51 –(Reaffirmation October 2023)
-Finishing Trades Institute of New England – DC 35
-Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid Atlantic Region – DC 21
-Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest – DC 82
-North Central Illinois Finishing Trades Institute: Painters District Council No. 30 Joint Apprenticeship & Training Fund – DC 30
-The Finishing Trades Institute of the Ohio Region – DC 6 – Recent accreditation June 2022.
-Finishing Trades Institute of DC 14 Chicago (Candidacy for Accreditation)
-Northern California DC 16 Journeyman Training Trust Fund Las Vegas – DC 16 (ISC Approved April 2023)