Admin Unable to Change Password – Username does not meet the minimum requirements.

For security reasons, usernames in the LMS and most websites do not allow nine numbers in a row due to the similarity with the SSN. However, the current algorithm in the IMSe to create Member IDs is now at nine digits. This has not been an issue since all account changes are made in the IMSe. The only LMS Admin edit is the password reset which throws this error message.

As a work around, try the generic password for forgotten passwords – fti123. Remember that the account is locked for 10 minutes after three invalid password attempts. If the user forgot his password, ask him to click the ‘I forgot my password.’ link on the login page. He would enter his username and hit submit. An email will be sent to his email address on file with a unique link. When he clicks the link, he will be taken to the LMS and will enter a new password. The user enters a new password and the account is updated, and logged in.

After doing the steps and you’re unable to change the password, send an email to with your full name, email address, and member ID or click Contact Us on the LMS homepage.