Groups – The groups I have been using no longer have enrollments. Where are they?

The group structure from the legacy LMS with enrollments was brought over as course level enrollments (currently only visible for super admins). Anyone added to the groups will automatically get the enrollments, so you do not need to re-create legacy groups with enrollments.

For example, if someone is added to a group with enrollments prior to the LMS launch, then that course enrollment will remain in the member’s enrollments and will be visible on their Dashboard.

Coming soon, the Learning Path feature will be a new way to create enrollments and a more structured way of adding enrollments to users.

With the LMS upgrade, you have several ways to assign enrollments; you can:

  • Add them to existing groups.
  • Create new groups and apply new enrollments.
  • Create Learning Paths with structured enrollments
  • Assign enrollments to individual users.