What are the minimum requirements to play eLearning lessons?

Check this link – http://onlinelearninghelp.com/kb/a4/what-are-the-minimum-requirements-for-my-pc-or-mac-in-order-to-purchase-or-take-a-course.aspx

Here are the minimum technical requirements that your computer should meet so that your online course experience is a good one.
Processor: 1.0GHz
Operating System: Windows 7 or Mac OSX
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Video Display: 1024 x 768 Screen resolution
Hardware Accessories: Sound card and speakers or headphones (recommended)
Internet Connection: Any broadband (DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite, T1, etc.)
Internet Browser: IE9+, latest Chrome (since it auto updates), latest Firefox (since it auto updates), or Safari. Then users can check their settings in the LMS to verify popup blockers are disabled, JavaScript is enabled, frames are enabled, etc. So if a workstation can run these browsers then most likely the workstation hardware specs are satisfactory.
Internet Browser Plug-ins: Adobe Flash 10.x PlayerTM, Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.xTM
Using Chrome?